Dartmouth College

Philosophy of Time and Time Travel (Spring 2018)

Metaphysics of Science (Winter 2018)

Environmental Ethics (Winter 2018)

Ethics and Climate Change (Fall (2017)

Philosophy of Time and Time Travel (Spring 2017)

God, Darwin, and the Cosmos (Winter 2017)

Environmental Ethics (Winter 2017)

Epistemology & Methodology (Fall 2016)

Philosophy of Time and Time Travel (Spring 2016)

Theory of Linear Structures (Math) (Fall 2015)

Philosophy of Time and Time Travel (Spring 2015)

Environmental Ethics (Fall 2014)


University of Massachusetts

Bioethics (Spring 2012)

Introduction to Logic (Winter 2012)

Bioethics, Honors (Fall 2011)

Space and Time (Spring 2011)

Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2011)

Introduction to Logic (Winter 2011)

Philosophy of Science (Fall 2010)

Introduction to Logic (Summer 2010)

Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2010)

Philosophy of Science (Fall 2009)

Bioethics (Spring 2009)

Bioethics, Honors (Fall 2008)


Teaching Materials

Teaching Statement

Present, Explain, Evaluate

The Pink Guide to Philosophy


                                           Werner Heisenberg at the blackboard.

                                           Werner Heisenberg at the blackboard.

I spend a lot of time thinking about pedagogy and best practices for teaching philosophy. To get a feel for my approach to teaching, have a look at the syllabus for my course on environmental ethics, read my statement on teaching, or read my document on how to present, explain, and evaluate an argument.

In a previous life, I taught upper-level courses in mathematics at The Taft School and at Kimball Union Academy.  Most of what I know about effective teaching, I learned at Taft and KUA.